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Welcome to BitByte. Thank you for visiting our site. BitByte serves the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson area. We provide Computer and Network Service and Repair. Today's business environment has become increasingly dependent on Technology. Technology can power your business to run smoothly and achieve great success or it can be a liability to your company.

The Internet has changed the way we all do business.  All of our Networks and Systems are under constant attack. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users and new Cloud based applications are challenging the way we all do business. There are new and escalating regulations that you may need to comply with. There are non-stop updates and patches that must be applied to keep your systems secure and operational. Ensuring your systems are backed-up and ready for disaster is never ending. Uncountable tools are available to anyone on the Internet to pry open your systems. None of our information goes over the Internet that is not looked at or archived. This is what we must deal with to enjoy the ability to do "Business at the speed of thought".

The Internet has placed additional challenges on all of our businesses, but it has provided incredible evolution in how we do business. With the ability to setup your entire business in the cloud and run it your from your smart-phone, we all must reconsider how to apply this technology. It might make sense to offload some IT services to the cloud or depending on cost it may not. BitByte can work with you to help you consider the best options for your business. Service is what makes the difference and it's our mission to provide you a great experience. We will use our 30+ years of experience and training to help you find solutions to meet your needs. BitByte can help you repair your IT and computer systems, create new solutions, improve your security or implement your projects. If you just need a computer repaired or need a entire office setup we can help you. Let's get started!


Bitbyte has the knowledge, training, and experience to help your business succeed. We have certified network engineers at BitByte. We can provide diagnostic services, consulting services, engineered solutions, repair and resolution, hardware and software solutions, implementation of projects, office setups (remote, new, expanding) network infrastructure, VoIP phone systems, collaboration platforms, unified messaging systems, firewalls, Wi-Fi infrastructure, gateway protections, Email platforms, malware protections, endpoint securities, backup and recovery platforms, virtual services (client, server, networking, software), remote services, VPN (virtual private network) connections, software and hardware updates, software and hardware evaluations. document storage and retrieval solutions, storage solutions, security evaluations, power protections, IP cameras and recorders, database platforms, web server platforms, domain setup, integration services, setup of users, groups, folders, shares, rights, auditing, printing, scanning, setup of infrastructure services, web-based Email, Linux , Microsoft, Novell and Unix server solutions, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, softphones, thin clients, application deployment, Cisco solutions, and much more.

We can help you today, we offer competitive rates, please contact us for more information.